Wood processing is a multi-stage and labor-intensive process. Our company is engaged in the processing of wood, starting with the harvesting of roundwood in the state forestry of the Zhytomyr region. Long-term cooperation agreements have been signed with forestry enterprises. All roundwood in the enterprise has a certificate of origin.

Further, the transport of the enterprise delivers the wood for processing. The plant is located in Ukraine, Zhytomyr region, Andrushivsky district, village Stara Kotelnya Andrushivska Str. 8.

At the enterprise the wood is unloaded and sorted according to the following criteria:

  • Length;
  • Diameter;
  • Number of knots per 1 meter;
  • The presence of defects;

After sorting, the log passes the first stage of processing - cutting into billets to the appropriate dimensions for subsequent processing. There are 4 belt saws with a total capacity of 30 m3 per shift for sawing logs on lumber in the enterprise. As a result of this process, the company gets edged and unedged timber, as well as the large amount of waste: bark, slab (wood), off-cuts, sawdust, etc.

One of the longest and most energy-intensive processes in the technology of wood processing is drying. The drying time of the wood depends on the wood species, the initial humidity, the required final humidity, the thickness of the sawn timber, etc. The result of non-compliance with the drying technology makes the wood unusable for further processing. In the drying chambers of our company only modern equipment and software of NARDI and O.S.Panto are installed, which gives the customer confidence in receiving high quality products. The total amount of drying chambers in the enterprise is 350 m3 of lumber.

Dried wood is sawn to joiner's workpieces for planing - beams, lamella boards. For sawing dry lumber, use sawing longitudinal cutting machines with the installation of several saws for simultaneous sawing. Our company has more than one machine for longitudinal cutting, including high-performance machines, the company Ustunkarli.

Lumber obtained after cutting is processed on planing machines: gauges or 4-sided planing machines. The factory has two 4-sided planing machines, including one of German company Weinig, which allows us to produce high-quality planed products.

Строганные ламели обрезаются (торцуются) и сортируются по качеству и цвету. Обрезка ламелей происходит согласно заказу клиента, а сортировка согласно требованиям качества.

Finished lamellas of the same quality come on the line for gluing. The company uses a high-performance and technological line Innova LP-3000-8, which includes equipment for gluing, formatting, calibrating and polishing the finished furniture panel. The capacity of the line is 500 m2 of the finished panels per shift. The huge advantage of this line is not only its productivity, but also that at the output the enterprise receives a finished product - a glued furniture panels, which corresponds to the dimensions and quality set by the customer.

In order for the finished products do not spoil it immediately packaged. Packaging is either in individual packaging or on a pallet, depending on customer requirements. The finished pallets are marked with the indication of the size of the product, quantity, volume, as well as the number of place in the container or trailer. Ready-made and packaged products are delivered to the customer.