The secret of the success of our team that it consists of the real professionals, who regard their job seriously and devotedly. We are trusted by customers who appreciate professionalism and experience most of all.

Ofer Gargur
Ofer Gargur The owner of the company
Person who has unlimited number of excellent ideas, who always inspires the team for new achievements.
Wahid Gargur
Wahid Gargur Sales manager
Responsible for development of long-term cooperation with the customers.
Yevgeny Baranovsky
Yevgeny Baranovsky Director
Provides an implementation of the strategic plans of the development of the company, manages the current activity of the company.
Larisa Shved
Larisa Shved Accountant-general
Organizes accounting of the financial activities and controls the usage of the material, worker and financial resources.
Dmitry May
Dmitry May Connection manager
Contributes the achievement of the understanding and future cooperation with foreign companies.