LLC "Gargur Finger Joint" has acquired new special equipment for cutting glued panels. Private enterprise "BC Technological Bureau". The Holztechnik P 305 mid-series machine tool with a 3200 mm format carriage and a saw unit equipped with a scoring saw and a tilt function. Capable of producing a high-quality cutting of solid wood, laminated chipboard, MDF and plastic. It is the most optimal choice for the production of blanks for cutting the panel in the manufacture of cabinet furniture, wardrobes, etc. Equipment fully complies with the European safety standards.

The carriage profile is all-extruded. Steel arched guides, installed by the rolling method, are machined into the exact size for one basing along the entire length. This solution allows to ensure the smoothness of the carriage stroke with an accuracy of 0.05mm, and to eliminate the appearance of backlash during the entire life service of the machine. There is an aluminum front telescopic stop with two hinged stops.

Cast iron work desk. The table broadening for the width of the saw is 1300 mm with the micrometric adjustment of the thrust bar. The saw unit tilting is up to 45 ° with reading on a scale.

This equipment allows expanding of the company's products range up to the production and assembly of furniture.