Gluelam – building material made of wood, from glued in flatness separate boards (lamellas) into the glulam. Glulam is one of the most prospective branch in the sphere of woodworking because of deep and complex processing of raw materials, high quality of the products and high ability in usage. Glulam is widely used in the building as for whole houses, so as for it’s separate parts; also it is used in producing of windows, doors, stairs etc. And in producing of furniture.

Glulam has the following advantages:

  • building huge size constructions on account of ease of assembly and docking;
  • producing glulam of any kind of pattern for optimal load distribution;
  • exception of the deformation during manufacturing and exploitation;
  • ease of installation and it’s further processing;
  • heightened solidity in comparison with solid wood;
  • not high weight of the glulam;
  • the level of fire resistance is much higher than metallic constructions have;
  • a very little shrinkage (1-2%) in glulam house building;
  • heat transfer is lower than solid wood has;
  • it consists of much more lower average of glue than OSB, LVL, Particleboard;
  • ecologically safe in producing, exploitation and recycling.

Gargur Finger Joint Ltd company is able to produce glulam made of such kinds of wood as, pine, spruce, oak, in the following dimensions:

Dimensions Min, mm Max, mm
Длина 500 6000
Ширина 40 150
Толщина 40 150

The glulam also can be profiled on the 4-side planer.