We produce solid oak furniture panels of two types: finger joint and full stave. In the manufacture we mainly use oak, but we are also able to produce pine and birch solid panels. Monthly volume of the production amounts to 100 m3 of finished goods.

Our clients are furniture manufacturers and shops. We are capable of delivering panels all over the world.


Basically, we are concentrated on the rustic grade panels production. Besides, it is possible to produce A/A, A/B, B/C or any customized quality. All the quality grades have the standard description. Before starting the production, we discuss all the requirements and customers’ expectations as for the quality, humidity, sanding and finishing.

During the production process, the customers are welcome to visit the manufacture and monitor the implementation.


All the dimensions of the panels are customized. However, we have the standard dimensions which can be changed according to the customers’ need. The thickness of the panels varies from 18 to 40 mm, while the width can be up to 1000 mm. We are able to produce full stave panels with the maximum length of 3000 mm and 6000 mm long finger joint panels.

As for the prices, they depend on the dimensions and quality grades.

Production deadlines

Order execution time depends on its complexity and volume. In case of presence of the material in stock, we are able to supply it within short time. However, if the order requires wood drying and contains different dimension, the production process is more time-consuming.

Firstly, we get an inquiry via email. For us to be able to process it as soon as possible, it should contain an exact specification of dimension, quality grades, package requirements and volume. After that, we analyze our manufacturing capacity to produce the order and make calculations. Following the discussions and clarifications we confirm the order and established price and proceed to production.